Deep within the still Center of my being, may I find peace,
Silently within the grove may I share peace,
Gently in the circle of humankind may I share peace,
May I radiate Peace.

Druid prayer

I am offering deeply Nurturing classes in Mindfulness, Yoga, Movement and Earth Wisdoms
In and around The Cotswolds  & Gloucestershire 

I am offering these session on zoom or by phone presently. 

One to One’s with Me
Offering movement, Yoga and spiritual Coaching and Ceremony.
Includes a free 60 minute initial consultation 

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Yoga Nidra Meditation - Online

Wednesday 23rd July at 10am starting
Tuesdays 16th June 7:30pm
Live and on Zoom

This Mediative Yoga Nidra session and is an invitation to take a pause, lay down on the earth, welcoming 45 minutes of mindful intent. With an option to journal after the class and an opportunity to share.
A self-nourishment practice designed to help you rest, reset and reconnect to self.

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Somatic Yoga, Movement and Meditation

Wednesdays  7:30pm
on Zoom

Anyone wishing to becoming  more authentic and embodied. Yoga, movement and meditation. A nourishing class connecting to your inner wisdom.

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Our body is precious.  It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.  
 – Buddha –


6 week course in the Day time on Zoom. Closed group.

Coming together as a community to see the inner beauty in all. Celebrate the changes in the seasons, Earth wisdoms.  Noticing that we are part of a greater whole.

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Somatic Yoga, Movement and Meditation

Friday 10am Live Yoga Class Starting 11th June 

An open air class suitable for anyone wishing to becoming  more authentic and embodied.
Yoga, movement and meditation. A nourishing class connecting to your inner wisdom.
This class at the moment is restricted to 5 participants Booking essential.

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Due to Covid-19 I am unable to offer this service at the present.

To rebalance the body. A non-invasive  nourishing, energy healing therapy. 

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 New Products Available!

Enhance your comfort and rest in your yoga practice. Buckwheat, Lavender and Sage eye pillows and weighted cushions.

New creations all sourced ethically from the UK. Medicine Feather wands (smudge wing) Made by me with Love.


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Due to Covid-19 I am no longer  offering this workshop . I am hoping that I will offer this later in the year.

A journey into inner wisdoms through myth, meditation and sound.
Gently opening our hearts to rejoice what ‘is’ and move into a deeper connection to the Earth.

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Due to Covid-19 I am no longer able to offer these courses.

Reiki is an inclusive therapy welcoming everyone, as it is not bound by any belief system.  It is now widely recognised and is being practiced and taught throughout the UK. It has also undergone a voluntary regulation process and is now recognised by the CNHC…

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Due to cover I am no longer able to offer this course.

I hold a few creative sessions during the year. 

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Due to covid-19 I am unable to offer this group.

A  space to explore and honour with integrity and kindness our ever transitioning selves into womanhood and relating to the seasons of life. Acknowledging and integrating our connections to the earth and others an animist approach.

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Yoga Nidra classes: Intrigued to understand Yoga Nidra I applied to join a class with Fleur. I’m in my late 60’s and wanted some gentle exercise to help keep my body loose and free moving. Yoga Nidra with Fleur proved perfect. A mixture of gentle somatic movement with meditation, at my own pace with gentle but clear guidance from Fleur was just what I needed. The movement offered was in part physical such as arm/body swinging/swaying and part internalised stretching - taking me on a gently guided journey inside my body to connect with all its various parts, focusing on each to feel into what was needed, relaxing and make space inside.It brought a deep connection within.With my body now soft and relaxed the class continued with a meditation that took me into a deep relaxation leaving me refreshed, calm and grounded.  Fleur’s gentle encouragement throughout reflected words she shared with us by Han Suyin ‘ There is nothing stronger in the world than tenderness’


This class is the perfect combination of gentle stretching and deep relaxation. It’s a great way to escape this mad world for 90 minutes and recharge your batteries.


Your Zoom classes really help to ease my anxiety and give me hope for a better future in these uncertain times. My life is very stressful at the moment as I am a carer for my Mum who has dementia but the class gives me something to focus on and look forward to each week as well as helping me to sleep better and alleviate my chronic back pain.


teacher . Therapist . Doula . mother . Festival Coordinator. Artist

As an artist, I create symbolic, sacred objects – created in ritual – an expression of soul. These are some of my products.

teacher . Therapist . Doula . mother . Festival Coordinator. Artist

For the past 30 years, I have been consciously journeying in the tradition of Celtic Wisdom honouring fully the feminine and ancestors through earth-based spirituality. Find out more about my journey.

Over the last decade I’ve had the opportunity to co-ordinate and facilitate space at camps and festivals in the UK and Europe. Find out more about my festival activities.

Kindness, Gratitude and Heart. 

Embodiment – Using movement and touch therapies to reconnect and bring the body back into relationship with nature and the whole self.

teacher . Therapist . Doula . mother . Festival Coordinator. Artist

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Mindfulness SESSIONS

Zoom Mediative Yoga Nidra and Embodied Somatic Yoga
Wednesday 7:30pm 90mins.

Mediative Total Yoga Nidra
Tuesdays 7:30pm for 60 mins.

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I am offering sessions please sign up to my mailing list.

I love this class. The combination of movement and meditation really helps me stretch out and forget the worries of the day. Fleur is a warm and knowledgeable yoga teacher who always gives you encouragement.
Jill Bradley

Yoga Nidra on Zoom with Fleur is a delight and a deep, quiet coming into myself. Fleur helped me to set up my ‘nest’ with ideas before the class and then, after a brief hello on the screen, I left it in the corner of my room with good audio, so I could hear Fleur’s voice clearly. After that, the Zoom aspect disappeared – I was on the floor, warm and cosy in dim lighting and Fleur’s voice was with me guiding me and offering nurture and deep care. At the end, I felt able to stay on the floor and just let Fleur end our Zoom meeting and take my time coming back to wakefulness. I highly recommend Fleur’s online Yoga Nidra for deep nourishment and rest.
Hoping my need for rest will win out this week
Love to you
Carol x

“In a world where everyone is wearing a mask,  
it is a privilege to see a soul”

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